CI/CD using Oracle Developer Cloud service

Here is another blog which I published on the Oracle Cloud Developer Solutions portal – Continuous Deployment to App Container Cloud using Developer Cloud service . If you’re interested in exploring how Oracle Cloud solutions can help you seamlessly manage your application (a lightweight fat JAR Java EE app in this case) lifecycle from within your IDE (NetBeans in this case), you should peek into this


Here is a quick overview

  • Leveraging NetBeans IDE while working with Oracle Developer Cloud service. This includes
    • Setting up the Team Server plugin
    • Leveraging it to interact with Developer Cloud service instance from within your IDE
  • Priming Developer Cloud service for Continuous Deployment



About Abhishek

Loves Java EE, distributed KV stores and messaging systems. Frequently blogs at as well as Oh, I have also authored a few (mini) books, articles, Refcards etc. :-)
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