Simple sample: Oracle NoSQL with Docker Compose

Here is an example of using the Dockerized Oracle NoSQL image. This, along with many other Dockerized Oracle products are available here


Key points

  • Demonstrates usage of Docker Compose : co-ordinates an Oracle NoSQL container and a dependent container running its (Java) client
  • Docker Containers
    • Oracle NoSQL ‘kvlite‘ instance (simple enough for demonstration)
    • A Jersey + Grizzly based Fat JAR application which acts as a client

Jersey App Image

  • Built from latest openjdk image
  • exposes a REST interface to put keys into Oracle NoSQL instance and retrieve the key (return the inserted time stamp)

Oracle NoSQL Image

  • The Docker Hub image is directly referenced in docker-compose configuration
  • Shows this as an example along with the build image pattern demonstrated by the Jersey app

Its very simple to setup – instructions available here. All you need to do is make sure that you have Docker installed 🙂



About Abhishek

Loves Java EE, distributed KV stores and messaging systems. Frequently blogs at as well as Oh, I have also authored a few (mini) books, articles, Refcards etc. :-)
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