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Simple sample: Dockerized Java app using a maven plugin

It’s good to be able to build Docker images directly from artifacts (JAR, WAR etc.) produced by Maven builds. One useful tool is the Spotify Docker Maven plugin which can help with this This example (available on Github) uses Jersey Grizzly connector to … Continue reading

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Simple sample: Oracle NoSQL with Docker Compose

Here is an example of using the Dockerized Oracle NoSQL image. This, along with many other Dockerized Oracle products are available here Key points Demonstrates usage of Docker Compose : co-ordinates an Oracle NoSQL container and a dependent container running its (Java) client Docker … Continue reading

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‘Micro’ Java EE on the cloud with ‘dockerized’ Payara

Thankfully I don’t have to write much because I have a screen cast.. Yay ! My second one [ trying to get better at this 😉 ] The idea is to show you how easy it is to get up … Continue reading

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