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Practical Redis

This book is a hands-on, code driven guide to Redis

Java WebSocket API Handbook

The book is what it says it is – a handbook, a quick reference, a fast track guide. It covers the Java WebSocket API which is a standard (specification) for building WebSocket applications. It is targeted (primarily) towards Java/Java EE developers and can be used in various capacities

REST assured with JAX-RS

This book covers the nitty gritty of JAX-RS: a standards based Java framework for building RESTful web services. It can help you speak HTTP (the language of the web) using Java 🙂 It covers basic topic such as Resources, HTTP mapping, HTTP Injection, Client API and Security, foundational concepts of Providers (Message Body Readers & Writers, Filters, Interceptors, Exception Mappers etc.), advanced items like request pipeline, caching, content negotiation, asynchronous processing etc.

EJB Annotations Primer

If you like Java EE this book is for you! It consists of short chapters, each of which cover a specific part of the EJB 3.2 specification. Here is a comprehensive list – life cycle management, dependency & resource injection, pooling, concurrency, web services, interceptors, security, transactions, schedulers & timers, asynchronous model, eager initialisation, heterogenous interfaces/views and exception handling.


This Java Magazine article covers the JAX-RS 2.0 release , which is a major overhaul with significant additions to the API including, a Client API, Filters, Interceptors and much more. If you’re not using the full range of options JAX-RS offers you, chances are good you’re carrying around handwritten code that would benefit from being replaced by these capabilities.

Java Caching DZone Refcard

This DZone refcard the building blocks of JCache and other caching APIs, as well as multiple strategies for implementing temporary data storage in your application.