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Custom Security Context in JAX-RS

And the JAX-RS juggernaut continues …. This blog briefly talks about how to override the default security related information associated with a JAX-RS request i.e. how to mess with the SecurityContext Wait.. Security Context ? Think of it as a JAX-RS … Continue reading

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JAX-RS, JWT & a pinch of JSR 375

This is another version of my previous blog on JAX-RS and JWT which includes a pinch of Java EE Security API (new JSR in Java EE 8). In case you are completely new to JSR 375, please jump to the last … Continue reading

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JSON Web Token in action with JAX-RS

This post is about using JSON Web Token (JWT) with JAX-RS It covers Real quick intro to JWT Shows how to use it with JAX-RS (for authentication) with an example Also demonstrates contextual state/information sharing feature provided by JAX-RS Request Filters and usage … Continue reading

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What’s up with Java EE 8 ?

Update – Part 2 of this post is available here. It talks about the updated specifications in Java EE 8 Work on Java EE 8 is well on it’s way. Time to catch up !! Dive in without further ado. … Continue reading

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