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Using CDI with Java EE Concurrency Utilities

This blog post explores usage of CDI along with Java EE Concurrency Utilities – specifically using CDI beans as managed tasks. Here is the sample application on Github Lets begin with a quick overview Java EE Concurrency Utilities provides APIs … Continue reading

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Microservices messaging on Oracle Cloud using Apache Kafka

Here is a blog I posted on the Oracle Cloud Developer Solutions portal. This is the first of a two-part series which shows asynchronous messaging b/w microservices with the help of a simple example (application)   Technical components Oracle Cloud Oracle … Continue reading

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Nuances of JAX-RS client side async callback

Going async with JAX-RS JAX-RS provides client side asynchronous behavior to complement its server side counterpart. It’s powered by the AysncInvoker interface – the best part if that you do not need to get hold of it explicitly. The fluent … Continue reading

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New eBook: REST assured with JAX-RS

I am happy to announce the release of yet another book – REST assured with JAX-RS To download … Just visit the book page and click the Add Ebook to Cart button. Don’t worry, the book is absolutely free ! … Continue reading

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Custom Security Context in JAX-RS

And the JAX-RS juggernaut continues …. This blog briefly talks about how to override the default security related information associated with a JAX-RS request i.e. how to mess with the SecurityContext Wait.. Security Context ? Think of it as a JAX-RS … Continue reading

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Asynchronous JAX-RS: basics & gotchas

This blog post covers asynchronous programming support in JAX-RS and some of its potential gotchas along with a sample (maven based) Java EE project on Github Man, I tend to blog a lot about JAX-RS and REST ! Basics of server side async … Continue reading

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Efficient JAX-RS: Conditional GETs & PUTs

This post discusses how to leverage features in the JAX-RS API to execute RESTful operations based on conditions/criteria in order to aid with scalability and performance. It covers which HTTP headers are involved which JAX-RS APIs to use details of the entire request-response … Continue reading

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JAX-RS, JWT & a pinch of JSR 375

This is another version of my previous blog on JAX-RS and JWT which includes a pinch of Java EE Security API (new JSR in Java EE 8). In case you are completely new to JSR 375, please jump to the last … Continue reading

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JSON Web Token in action with JAX-RS

This post is about using JSON Web Token (JWT) with JAX-RS It covers Real quick intro to JWT Shows how to use it with JAX-RS (for authentication) with an example Also demonstrates contextual state/information sharing feature provided by JAX-RS Request Filters and usage … Continue reading

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Sharing data between JAX-RS filters

This is a quick post which points out how to share contextual user-defined (custom) data between JAX-RS filters Filter execution It is chain based: one filter gets executed after another Request filters are executed before Response filters If a filter throws an … Continue reading

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