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Session @ Oracle Code San Francisco 2017

Here are the details for my talk @ Oracle Code (a track at JavaOne 2017) – Streaming Solutions for Real time problems (Stream Processing solutions using Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams and Redis) Code (Github) – https://github.com/abhirockzz/accs-ehcs-stream-processing Video Slides Streaming Solutions for … Continue reading

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Redis CDI example….

Here is an example of a CDI producer for Redis using the Jedis (Java) client for Redis. Check out the project README to get this up and running…. Below is a quick summary Use of CDI Qualifier Two types of … Continue reading

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Trending Meetup groups with Redis and Java EE

This is an application which displays the currently trending Meetup groups based on their (live) RSVPs feed. It’s built using Java EE 7 (uses WebSocket client & server APIs, Singleton EJB timers and CDI events to wire things up) and … Continue reading

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Introductory NoSQL stuff

While some of you might be NoSQL gurus, there is often a lack of solid knowledge about NoSQL in general and some common myths as well. Specifically, topics like NoSQL applicability/use cases and its comparison (fair and unfair) against relational … Continue reading

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