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Screencast: pushing a Java EE app to Oracle Cloud

Here is a screen cast to show case how you can easily push a Java EE application to Oracle Application Container Cloud from your command line   Overview start with a Java EE 7 Maven archetype — mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=com.airhacks:javaee7-essentials-archetype modify the code — add a … Continue reading

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Session @ Oracle Code San Francisco 2017

Here are the details for my talk @ Oracle Code (a track at JavaOne 2017) – Streaming Solutions for Real time problems (Stream Processing solutions using Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams and Redis) Code (Github) – https://github.com/abhirockzz/accs-ehcs-stream-processing Video Slides Streaming Solutions for … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an app on the Oracle Application Container Cloud

The Oracle Application Container Cloud service is relatively simple to be honest. Here is quick post on how a potential application looks like. Although the service supports Java SE and Node.js runtimes, this post will stick to Java specific examples. Let’s take … Continue reading

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True IDaaS . . . .

Pondering over the current state of IDaaS…… So what’s IDaaS to begin with ?? This post is not dedicated to defining IDaaS in depth. There are loads of other material you can read up if you are just interested in … Continue reading

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Cloud Buzz: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Enough hype! Lets clear the air. I am going to try and provide simple analogies that will hopefully help you make sense of the terminologies associated with Cloud technologies and make them ‘stick’. The Cloud my friends, is nothing but the … Continue reading

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