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Using Asynchronous timeouts in the Java WebSocket API

Sending messages in an asynchronous manner avoid blocking the sending thread. This is a great where your solution needs to scale in order to support a large number of clients. But there is a limit on how long can we … Continue reading

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WebSocket and CDI integration.. again..

In one of my older blog posts, I had written about what does not work¬†as far as WebSocket and CDI integration within the Java EE Platform ūüėȬ†This one talks about what’s possible with CDI in terms of Dependency Injection Interceptors … Continue reading

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Configuring WebSocket server endpoints

WebSocket Server endpoint configuration Before we dive into the details, here is a quick snapshot of the related interfaces Class/Interface Description ServerEndpointConfig A derivative of EndpointConfig interface which is specific for configuration related to server side WebSocket endpoints ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator An … Continue reading

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Deploying WebSocket annotated & programmatic server endpoints together

One of my previous blog post discussed Programmatic WebSocket endpoints and their deployment methodology using the javax.server.ServerApplicationConfig class. When annotated and programmatic endpoints co-exist… you have to make use of the a custom implementation of ServerApplicationConfig and explicitly return set … Continue reading

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Programmatic Websocket endpoints in Java EE 7…

This post briefly demonstrates¬†how to develop and deploy (server and client) Websocket endpoints using the programmatic version of the¬†Java Websocket API To begin with… extend the javax.websocket.Endpoint class Let’s code the client endpoint as well (using the same set of … Continue reading

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Just a follow up on WebSocket API issue with Tyrus (on GlassFish)

Follow up on the WebSocket API issue with Tyrus (on GlassFish). I initially reported this under Glassfish 4 Рdetails. This has been appropriately filed under TYRUS Рlink and should hopefully be resolved soon. Thanks to Pavel Bucek ! Cheers!

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Websocket API issues during XML payload transmission via getSendWriter() handle

Facing weird issues with the WebSocket API Use Case: Trying to send a XML payload back to the remote client using the java.io.Writer handle provided by the¬†getSendWriter() method in RemoteEndpoint.Basic interface Code snippet below   SampleModel is just a POJO … Continue reading

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