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New release: REST assured with JAX-RS

    REST assured with JAX-RS is now updated for JAX-RS 2.1 – a new chapter has been added to cover its new features. You can read it on Gitbook or grab it via Leanpub Cheers!

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Handling custom objects with JAX-RS SSE API

Information sent using the JAX-RS 2.1 SSE support (in Java EE 8) does not only have to be of String type – it supports Java primitives (Integer , Long etc.), JSON-B & JAX-B annotated types as well as custom objects whose encoding process (Java object to … Continue reading

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CompletionStage support in server-side JAX-RS

JAX-RS 2.1 (part of Java EE 8) now supports returning a CompletionStage to mark the request as eligible for asynchronous processing. This is in addition to the AsyncResponse API which has been available since JAX-RS 2.0 (Java EE 7) Even the Client API has … Continue reading

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Glassfish 5: JAX-RS SSE quickstart

Latest Glassfish 5 build 08 was announced today which includes JAX-RS 2.1 (JSR 370) integration. I am fond of Server Sent Events (SSE), so let’s take it for a test ride – here is a Docker based quick start on Github … Continue reading

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Validate JAX-RS query parameters

  It’s easy to validate parameters in JAX-RS using filters – ContainerRequestFilter to be specific. There are other options at your disposal e.g. using (CDI or EJB) interceptors, or injecting (HttpServletRequest using @Context) Scenario – Validate query parameter passed in by the … Continue reading

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Using CDI with Java EE Concurrency Utilities

This blog post explores usage of CDI along with Java EE Concurrency Utilities – specifically using CDI beans as managed tasks. Here is the sample application on Github Lets begin with a quick overview Java EE Concurrency Utilities provides APIs … Continue reading

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(eBook) ‘REST assured with JAX-RS’ now available on Gitbook

    You can now read REST assured with JAX-RS online on Gitbook, or grab the PDF from Leanpub.. Happy reading!

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Integrating Oracle Application Container & Database Cloud using ‘Service Bindings’

Don’t forget to check out my new blog post on the Oracle Cloud Developer solutions community portal ! It demonstrates usage of Oracle Application Container Cloud and Database Cloud service. To be precise, it covers the following An introduction to Service … Continue reading

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Nuances of JAX-RS client side async callback

Going async with JAX-RS JAX-RS provides client side asynchronous behavior to complement its server side counterpart. It’s powered by the AysncInvoker interface – the best part if that you do not need to get hold of it explicitly. The fluent … Continue reading

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New eBook: REST assured with JAX-RS

I am happy to announce the release of yet another book – REST assured with JAX-RS To download … Just visit the book page and click the Add Ebook to Cart button. Don’t worry, the book is absolutely free ! … Continue reading

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