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Tutorial: Develop a Kafka Streams application for data processing and deploy it to Kubernetes

This tutorial will guide you through how to build a stateless stream processing application using the Kafka Streams library and run it in a Kubernetes cluster on Azure (AKS). As you go through this, you’ll learn about the following: What … Continue reading

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Code walkthrough for “funcy” – a Serverless Slack app using Azure Functions

In the previous blog, we explored how to deploy a serverless backend for a Slack slash command on to Azure Functions As promised, it’s time to walk through the code to see how the function was implemented. The code is … Continue reading

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Build a Serverless API backend to deliver funny GIFs in Slack

Webhook backends are a popular use case for Serverless functions. FaaS (Functions-as-a-service) offerings make it relatively easy to provide an HTTP endpoint which hosts the Webhook logic which can be as simple as sending an email to something as entertaining … Continue reading

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New release: Java WebSocket API handbook

Happy to announce the initial release of the Java WebSocket API handbook. This is still a work in progress but moving at a strady pace. You can read this on Gitbook or grab your PDF/ePub/Mobi version from Leanpub   Here is … Continue reading

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Oracle IDM API classes . . . few thoughts . . .

This is w.r.t one of the most frequently used value object classes which is a part of Oracle IDM API – the oracle.iam.identity.usermgmt.vo.User class (you can always peek into the javadocs available here)     What I noticed was that this VO … Continue reading

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Book Review: Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization

This is a review of the book Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization What is this book about? As the title clearly suggests, this book deals with Performance Tuning. It focuses on tuning, monitoring and optimizing the performance of Java … Continue reading

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Hi there . . ! How would you rate your Java/Java EE skills?

This post is to provide the reader with a quick overview of the Java ecosystem and it’s technology stack. To be honest, there have been many revolutionary changes and additions to the Java Platform – from Java EE 7, Java … Continue reading

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Java EE: The Basics

Wanted to go through some of the basic tenets, the technical terminology related to Java EE. For many people, Java EE/J2EE still mean Servlets, JSPs or maybe Struts at best. No offence or pun intended! This is not a Java EE … Continue reading

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Java EE 7 Resource hub on ZEEF !

Hello Folks! Few months back, I had stumbled across ZEEF. It’s is basically a social, crowd-sourced curation of information by individuals. I got hooked and ended up creating My Own Expert Page On Java EE 7 ! 🙂 So what is … Continue reading

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Java SE 8 Launch Webcast !

To ALL Java enthusiasts and ones who think they can make a difference by ‘Coding Towards A Better Future’. The Java Platform has never been better, richer and more exciting. Do register! http://eventreg.oracle.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKWebId=0x637279c68 Cheers to the ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ paradigm!!

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