Trending Meetup groups with Redis and Java EE

This is an application which displays the currently trending Meetup groups based on their (live) RSVPs feed. It’s built using Java EE 7 (uses WebSocket client & server APIs, Singleton EJB timers and CDI events to wire things up) and Redis

To run

  • get the code
  • start Redis
  • change Redis connection details here and here
  • mvn clean install
  • deploy the WAR file in any Java EE 7 (or above) compliant container
  • access the application in your browser e.g. http://localhost:8080/meetup-trending/

You should see something like this – Score represents the frequency of the group occurence in the RSVPs (popularity)





About Abhishek

Loves Java EE, distributed KV stores and messaging systems. Frequently blogs at as well as Oh, I have also authored a few (mini) books, articles, Refcards etc. :-)
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