My picks for Java EE track @ JavaOne 2016

Its time for JavaOne 2016 with a great line up of Java EE talks… Here are my favorite picks, filed into three categories. You should definitely consider attending few of these if you are one of the lucky JavaOne attendees ! 🙂

  • Java EE 8 – covers evolution of Java EE 8 in general along with talks targeted at the upcoming specifications (new, updated)
  • Java EE Microservices – these talks focus on how microservices based applications can be built using Java EE specifications
  • General – any other talk focusing on Java EE 7 or specific Java EE APIs

Please note that there are other Java EE talks as well and the ones listed here just happen to be my favorites and reflect my personal opinion only

Java EE 8

  • Java EE 8 Update – what’s been done, shift in focus, JSRs (new and current)
  • Java EE for the Cloud – discussions, feedback with Java EE spec leads
  • What’s Next for Enterprise Java? – A key discussion platform where panelists (including key Java EE architects and leaders from the enterprise community) will weigh in on directions they think enterprise Java should take
  • JAX-RS 2.1 for Java EE 8 – new features like CDI integration, SSE, NIO etc.
  • Java EE Next: HTTP/2 and REST Opportunities – what can Java EE 8 offer in these areas…
  • Security for Java EE 8 and the Cloud – revolves around JSR 375..
  • Servlet 4.0: Status Update and HTTP/2 Comes to Java EE 8 – how can it help in the ‘modern’ cloud era ?
  • JCache and Java EE: Bridging the Gap – technical aspects of  plugging JCache into JavaEE 8
  • What’s New in the Java API for JSON Binding – latest status from JSR 367 and including a deep dive exploration
  • Configuration for Java EE 8 and the Cloud – defining a cloud-ready Java EE based configuration standard

Java EE Microservices

  • Migrate Java EE Applications to Microservices and Oracle Java Cloud
  • Live-Coding No-Ceremony Microservices – hacking on nano services with Adam Bien using Java EE
  • Run Your Java EE Apps with WildFly Swarm in Oracle Application Container Cloud – how Wildfly Swarm can make Java EE 7 apps awesome in Oracle Application Container Cloud
  • Cloud-Native Java EE – 12 factor apps with Java EE …
  • BootEE: Creating Lightweight Services with Java EE – what are your options ?

General (Java EE 7 & others)

  • Java EE, Extendable to Functional – never ever miss a David Blevins session! this one is covers CDI scopes, JCA (Java EE 7) along a discussion of functional programming paradigms apply to Java EE (both 7 and maybe even v8)
  • Java EE Applications on Oracle Java Cloud Service – the title says it all
  • REST in Peace with Java EE : a real world Java EE 7 story about REST API implementation for Dataverse
  • Second-Level Cache in JPA Explained: self evident I guess..
  • Java EE 7 Meets Java 8: learn how to leverage Java 8 for Java EE 7 apps (powered by live coding)
  • Java EE: Beyond the Basics – get hands on with intermediate & advanced Java EE 7 features
  • Top 50 Java EE 7 Best Practices – as per title, fortified with code samples

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