New eBook: REST assured with JAX-RS

I am happy to announce the release of yet another book – REST assured with JAX-RS:-)

To download …

Just visit the book page and click the Add Ebook to Cart button. Don’t worry, the book is absolutely free !:-)


Quick preview

It’s structured into distinct sections

  • Warm up: Gives you an idea of what the book is about, what you can expect, JAX-RS & REST introduction
  • Section I: Deals with the basics and covers topics such as Resources, HTTP mapping, HTTP Injection, Client API and Security
  • Section II: Dedicated to Providers – Message Body Readers & Writers, Filters, Interceptors, Exception Mappers and associated topics
  • Section III: Covers slightly advanced topics such as request pipeline, caching, content negotiation etc
  • Miscellaneous: The last portion of the book covers Asynchronous APIs and the future version

Hope you enjoy it ! Feedback, comments, suggestions are always welcome


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Loves Go, NoSQL DBs and messaging systems
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3 Responses to New eBook: REST assured with JAX-RS

  1. mahesh says:

    hey how to download this book plsssssss give me url


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