JCache in Java EE 8

The contents of this post are derieved from conversations on the Java EE 8 mailing lists with regards to JCache integration. There are a couple of threads

Here are a bunch of points which seemed to have to come out of the discussions so far

JCache & Java EE 8 integration points

Managing Caches

CDI can be used to manage caches with the help of Producers. Containers can also provide portable CDI extensions to make the job a little easier and reduce boilerplate (see TomEE jcache-cdi)

Implementing JCache annotations

JCache ships with annotations meant to be leveraged by DI containers. A Java EE implementation would need to provide support for these annotations which can also be achieved by CDI interceptors (possibly in the form of portable CDI extensions)


Other Jaa EE specs leveraging JCache

Different Java EE 8 specs can make use of the presence of JCache standards and make use of its features. One of the most common example would be JPA 2.2 using JCache provider as a (distributed) L2 (Level 2) cache. Payara has this lined up as well

Payara is leading the way with some other use cases in the pipeline

What’s the bare minimum ?

As Johan Vos stated, just including it in the Java EE 8 Platform would be great!

I’ll stop rambling and open the floor for discussions, inputs and suggestions – over here, on the open Java EE 8 mailings lists or maybe in a blog post of your own ..?



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