EJB Annotations Primer: beta version release !

I am happy to announce the beta version of my (mini) book – EJB Annotations Primer 🙂


To download …

Just visit the book page and click the Add Ebook to Cart button. Don’t worry, the book is absolutely free ! 🙂

Quick facts

  • Covers Enterprise Java Beans (EJB 3.2): part of the Java EE Platform
  • Emphasis on it’s annotations
  • Can be used as a quick refresher or a entry/high level guide
  • Geared towards easing the learning process
  • Explores (almost) all the EJB features: life cycle management, dependency & resource injection, pooling, concurrency, web services, interceptors, security, transactions, schedulers & timers, asynchronous model, eager initialisation, heterogenous interfaces/views and exception handling
  • Source code available on GitHub (will be updated along with the rest of the content)


  • Remaining chapters: dependency and resource injection, transactions, security and heterogenous views
  • A better cover page [ maybe ? 🙂 ]
  • More code/examples


  • Leanpub: empowering publishing medium ! Love it..
  • NetBeans: Awesome IDE (specially for Java EE devs)
  • GlassFish: bleeding edge Java EE RI !
  • MacDown: my markdown editor
  • Pandoc: very helpful in the initial stages of the project (when I was stuck with .doc and needed to convert it to markdown)
  • and…. myself 😉

Although it is still work in progress, I would encourage you to give it a go and provide feedback. I’ll provide further updates as and when I make further inroads..


About Abhishek

Loves Go, NoSQL DBs and messaging systems
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