The ‘Java Caching’ Refcard is live on DZone !

Happy to announce the availability of the Java Caching Refcard on DZone 🙂

The Refcard is not the holy grail of everything related to caching using Java. It primarily focuses on a couple of areas

  • JCache API foundations: The idea was to give a good enough overview of the JCache API in order to enable developers to get up and running with it quickly
  • Caching strategies: Discusses some of the common caching techniques and strategies


Actually, it went live on September 28 and managed to generate healthy interest [ suggested by ~6000 downloads so far – not bad for my first Refcard 😉 ]

I hope the readers are able to extract some value out of this. If have not read it yet, please do try it out. As always, feedback would be appreciated.



About Abhishek

Loves Go, NoSQL DBs and messaging systems
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