Java EE 7 in production . . . so far. . .

This is a quick post for folks who are searching for examples/instances of real world a.k.a production use of Java EE 7 . Please note that this list is courtesy two major sources –  JavaOne Conference (2014) talk delivered by Arun Gupta (check out the entire talk here) and Adam Bien’s blogs

  Let’s check them out……..

UNHCR ( UN Refugee Agency ) using  Java EE 7 on GlassFish 4

unhcr using Java EE 7 on Wildfly 8.1


more information here and here

ZEEF powering search with Java EE 7 on Wildfly 8.2


read more on Adam’s blog

Hubeo leveraging Java EE 7 on Wildfly 8.2


details on Adam’s blog

SAFSMS is a School management software using Java EE 7 on GlassFish


learn more here

DreamIT ( probably upgraded to Java EE 7 on GlassFish 4.1 already )


continue reading on Adam’s blog

IMO start up dynamics are quite different and more challenging in terms of many respects as compared to bigger organizations. Hence its rather heartening to witness the amount of faith being put into Java EE 7 by these companies and the way they are leveraging the stack.

Cheers !


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