A handy reference for Oracle Identity Manager 11g (R2 PS2)

Folks who are comfortable with the OIG stack (OIM to be specific) have most of the info, not-so-basic info, tricks etc up their sleeves – always ready to go! This is not always the case though.

I have created a simple set of curated links which can serve as a handy go-to reference for quick access.


Sneak Peek



  • When you’re looking for something specific – you know you saw it in one of the guides but just not able to dig it out !
  • There is a requirement which needs you to explore the product features/capabilities to ensure whether it is catered to OOTB
  • You’re new to the OIM ecosystem all-together
  • etc etc etc . . .

You might want to start with the new features or dive into product architecture etc. . . Feel free to suggest links to new information which you might find 🙂

Have fun !!


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2 Responses to A handy reference for Oracle Identity Manager 11g (R2 PS2)

  1. Leo says:

    really useful stuff, thx


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