RESTFul OIM: Exposing Oracle IDM info using REST API

With a RESTful interface for OIM, one can potentially end up with a fairly robust service layer which can benefit from the some of the advantages which REST has to offer, namely

  • Loosely coupled service architecture
  • Cloud friendly (SaaS)
  • Support for heterogeneous clients ranging from Web based (thin client) applications, GUI based (thick client applications), Mobile Applications (Android, iOS, HTML5 based)
  • Scalability
  • Lightweight

Sounds promising? Click to read


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3 Responses to RESTFul OIM: Exposing Oracle IDM info using REST API

  1. Colin says:

    Hello, would have loved to see this! But the link doesn’t seem to work anymore.
    Do you still have the pdf by any chance?
    Any chance to use this with 11gR1?

    Thanks so much!


  2. Sherlk says:

    Looks like the link is broken. Can you pls post an updated link or the document.


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