Java EE 7 Resource hub on ZEEF !

Hello Folks!

Few months back, I had stumbled across ZEEF. It’s is basically a social, crowd-sourced curation of information by individuals.

I got hooked and ended up creating My Own Expert Page On Java EE 7 ! 🙂

So what is this page all about?

  • Everything you would need to know about Java EE 7
  • For newbies as well as already experienced folks who are searching for something specific within the Java EE 7 space
  • Collection of free tutorials – to get you up and running!
  • Links to copious amounts of blogs and articles – to help you stay up to date
  • Source Code – wow…. now that’s cool!
  • Coverage on individual Java EE 7 specifications
  • You can find information on the very latest Java EE 7 books available in the market today….

And by the way, in the process, I also ended up 7th in the ZEEF Ipad Competition for quality content creation. Not as if I won anything.. haha! Good feeling nonetheless !

Check it out here


Love it? Like it? Or maybe not so great? Drop by. Your feedback and comments are welcome!

The goal is for people to have a ‘Go-To‘ place for everything Java EE 7. Nothing can be perfect! But I will strive to make this as comprehensive as I possibly can 🙂

Oh and one last thing – currently I am only the second person with an expert page on ZEEF as far as Java EE 7 is concerned. Hoping for more folks to join in, create original content and cater to the curious folks out there!

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it is the illusion of knowledge.
Stephen Hawking
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