Java EE 7 Resource hub on ZEEF !

Hello Folks!

Few months back, I had stumbled across ZEEF. It’s is basically a social, crowd-sourced curation of information by individuals.

I got hooked and ended up creating My Own Expert Page On Java EE 7 !:-)

So what is this page all about?

  • Everything you would need to know about Java EE 7
  • For newbies as well as already experienced folks who are searching for something specific within the Java EE 7 space
  • Collection of free tutorials – to get you up and running!
  • Links to copious amounts of blogs and articles – to help you stay up to date
  • Source Code – wow…. now that’s cool!
  • Coverage on individual Java EE 7 specifications
  • You can find information on the very latest Java EE 7 books available in the market today….

And by the way, in the process, I also ended up 7th in the ZEEF Ipad Competition for quality content creation. Not as if I won anything.. haha! Good feeling nonetheless !

Check it out here


Love it? Like it? Or maybe not so great? Drop by. Your feedback and comments are welcome!

The goal is for people to have a ‘Go-To‘ place for everything Java EE 7. Nothing can be perfect! But I will strive to make this as comprehensive as I possibly can:-)

Oh and one last thing – currently I am only the second person with an expert page on ZEEF as far as Java EE 7 is concerned. Hoping for more folks to join in, create original content and cater to the curious folks out there!

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance;
it is the illusion of knowledge.
Stephen Hawking
(*1942, British theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author)

About Abhishek

Abhishek Gupta is a Java EE developer, architect and a consultant specializing in Oracle Identity Governance (middleware) product stack. In addition to Java EE, his other areas of interests include scalable architecture, distributed caching technologies and design patterns. He loves writing about and evangelizing the Java EE platform !
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